February 15, 2017

Yours, Willa Cather


Because it’s always a good day to think about frontier novelist, American original, and Melville House author Willa Cather, may we recommend that you get yourself a mug of something, grab a seat, and watch Yours, Willa CatherJanis Stout and Andy Jewell’s recent, half-hour documentary about her? Famously private about the details of her life, Cather left instructions so protective of her privacy that it wasn’t until she, her literary executor, and another literary executor had died that her correspondence, in 2013, was finally published. In letters to fellow luminaries including F. Scott FitzgeraldH.L. Mencken, and many others, she reveals what Christopher Benfey called “the rage of a great American novelist,” as well as a helping of other emotions. It’s terrific. Enjoy.