March 6, 2018

You know who had kind of a funny way of talking? Ernest Hemingway had kind of a funny way of talking.


Ernest Hemingway was a very, very interesting guy.

Also, here is a 1954 NBC interview in which he speaks as though reading day-glo cue cards held aloft by floating pixies visible only to him.

Hemingway had something of a halting cadence, but this is pretty extreme. Was he on pain medicine following his two recent plane crashes? Does anyone know? Can we call Andy Rooney? Also, what’s going on with the hapless interviewer, who looks as though he’s only asking Hemingway questions to kill a little time before being marched to his own execution?

It’s not embeddable, but here’s another interview, in which he sounds at least a little looser — speaking in Spanish, no less. “Una sensación de alegría” indeed!

And here’s one more. This one sounds like Hemingway speaks only Hungarian, and is reading a phonetic transcription of his own words.

Ernest Hemingway, you were a mystery.

That is all.