January 31, 2014

You do not need to spend $750 to bring an author to your book club


Book clubAlexandra Styron and a handful of other famous writers are meeting with book clubs, and The New York Times is on it. They reported that Book the Writer gives about $400 of the fee to the writer and keeps $350.

Hi, book clubs. Let’s say you’re not on Central Park West. That’s terrific! Did I mention you look beautiful? Break out that Pinot Grigio, because there’s something we should talk about.

There are other ways to meet with an author:

I know we’re all looking for new ways to connect with readers in this wacky age of publishing, but there must be more reasonable ways to feel connected without spending a lot of money for two hours in your living room with someone book-famous.


Kirsten Reach was an editor at Melville House.