December 17, 2018

You can help get books to incarcerated people this season


Getting books to incarcerated people, and the many hurdles in the way, was perhaps the MobyLives topic of 2018.

As I put it in a previous post: “We’ve written almost non-stop about the vital lifeline that reading and writing programs give incarcerated people. But that means we’ve also written countless articles about efforts to curtail those programs.”

The good news is that you can help.

This holiday season the good folks at NYC Books Through Barsin a collaborative effort with the equally good folks at Greenlight Bookstore–are ramping up their efforts to get in demand books to those who need them most.

The non-profit organization tweeted about the initiative last week, and have already seen a surge in donations:

The most-needed book on the Books Through Bars wish list is the American Heritage Dictionary.

Other highly-requested books among prison populations include: Astrophysics: A Very Short Introduction, The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Michelle Alexander‘s The New Jim Crow, and so many more.

You can see the whole wish list and add your contribution through Greenlight’s website, and they’ll even take care of the shipping!




Ryan Harrington is a senior editor at Melville House.