November 16, 2016

Yes, it’s bad. You know what will help? Free shit.


The internet is awash in post-Trump reading lists (we’ll have ours up soon, don’t worry). Which is great! If you do nothing but read every book recommended by every lefty lit-blog for the next four years, the first Trump administration will be over! The country will be a smoking slag-heap, but at least you will have finally gotten around to reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. The only problem is that buying all of those books will be very expensive! (Also, reading alone will not save us from the Cheetopocalypse — but hopefully some of these books spur us to action.)

Luckily, the very cool gents and ladies over at Haymarket Books have put together their own reading list, and guess what! One of them is free! Included in their “Stop Trump Reading List” is a downloadable e-book of Hope in the Dark, Rebecca Solnit’s 2004 book on the necessity of hope in dark times, and the possibility that the future might not be as fucking awful as it appears. In other words, it is a very timely book.

Also included in the list are potent titles from Angela Davis, Deepa Kumar, and others, which are worth their weight in gold right now. Check it out!!!



Simon Reichley is the Director of Operations and Rights Manager at Melville House.