August 31, 2017

Working with Ray Bradbury was “sort of like working in the washing machine of the future”


“The only thing you’re ever gonna own in your life is your work.”

So says the great Ray Bradbury—sci-fi visionary, narrator-of-the-future, and Last Interview Series participant—in this little-seen CBC interview from 1968. Bradbury, who was born ninety-seven years ago this week, and died in 2012, sounds both wince-inducingly of his time (“the man who cannot be violent… is a sick man”) and also kind of glowingly eternal:

We belong only by doing. We own only by doing. We love only by doing, and knowing. If you want an interpretation of life and love, that would be the closest thing I could come to.

Considering Bradbury got married with Ray Harryhausen as his best man, the advice is worth taking. The whole clip is short, and worth watching:

Bradbury was easily one of the most beloved authors of all time. His work was published in more than fifty books, adapted into amazing cartoons in Soviet Uzbekistan, and even formed the basis of a cable TV show that ran for six years. Among many great episodes, here, according to science, is the best one: