November 22, 2018

Why wait? Our Black Friday sale is on now


Well folks, it’s Thanksgiving. And that means one thing: books, books, oh, and more books.

Photo of wild turkey by Tuvas licensed under CC BY 3.0

Yes, it’s time to get excited–take a minute away from familial obligations, the vicious news cycle, mindless social media scrolling, and be thankful for our major 40% off sale.

It’s not just any Black Friday 40% off sale. Everything on our website is 40% off, which include all Melville House titles and merch. Through the end of Black Friday, we’re offering an additional twenty percent off our already discounted prices on everything in our online store–every book, shirt, tote, and mug–for a total savings of forty percent. That’s a pretty big discount.

Now is the time to stock up on some engaging, riveting, and page turning reads. May we suggest some newly released and dynamic titles such as Death and Other Holidays, Chalk, University of Nike, Diary of a Bookseller, and Ways to Hide in Winter.

And, if you feel like digging deep into our catalogue, check out some of our favorite titles from last year and beyond: Future Days, Trainwreck, and David Bowie: The Last Interview.

If you’re still in the cooking spirit, Stephane Reynaud’s Rôtis is there to help, suggesting astonishingly fast, delicious recipes, carefully explained, with illustrations by Tabas and photos by Frédéric Lucano. Through tomorrow night, it’s yours for just $18.75. C’est magnifique!

Wherever the holiday takes you – presents for the readers in your life, presents for your nearest and dearest, presents for yourself (listen, you work hard, and you deserve it), and all of it, all of it, is marked down beyond our usual discounts for a total of forty percent off.

We know, we know. We love you too.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.