May 10, 2017

Why does the liberal media keep hiring conservative personalities?


Ladies and gentlemen, your liberal media

It’s 2017. The left has risen up from its slumber to form its own progressive version of the Tea Party. The resistance is strong. The resistance will save the country. So how does the liberal media react to the unprecedented energy of, one would think, a sympathetic audience? If you answered, “Poach anchors from Fox News, give climate change deniers more column inches, and, oh yeah, don’t forget to say something nice about Trump,” you’d be right!

We’ve already written about the New York Times giving coveted op-ed space to climate change skeptic Bret Stephens, formerly of the Wall Street Journal. Please don’t even ask me to talk about this. And according to Ashley Rodriguez at Quartz, MSNBC is pursuing their own plan.

Liberal outpost MSNBC is encroaching on Fox News’s conservative territory, just when it can hurt the Rupert Murdoch-run TV network the most.

MSNBC is shaking up its news lineup with voices that dissent from its characteristic liberal leanings. Nicolle Wallace, George W. Bush’s former White House communications director, will get her own MSNBC show next month. And New York Magazine reports that conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt is in talks to join the cable-news network as well.

Wallace and Hewitt would add to MSNBC’s increasingly centrist schedule, which now includes anchors like Brian Williams and conservative voices like former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, in addition to the primetime progressives like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes that the network is known for.

NBC News executive Andrew Lack, who oversees MSNBC, has been pushing the cable network to adopt a straighter approach to news since 2015, even as ratings soar amongst liberal programming.

Oh, and we can’t forget Megyn Kelly’s new gig at NBC. While it’s true that Kelly, Hewitt, and George Will, whose new role as an MSNBC commentator was also just announced, have at times criticized Trump, that is an amazingly low bar, and further evidence, if we needed it, the center has slid so far to the right that the terms we’re used to are essentially meaningless. Thanks for everything, liberal media!



Julia Fleischaker is a former director of marketing and publicity at Melville House.