June 3, 2017

When the going gets Saturday, the Saturday get Saturday


“La Débâcle” (“The Debacle”), painted in 1892 by Theodore Robinson, born on this day in 1852.

Ok, it’s Saturday — that’s not really news. The world is weird and the week was hard — that, too, falls short of being news. But we do have some news to share, and we thought we’d lead with that:

For now, as we do come Saturday morning every week, we’d like to take a look back at what the hell’s been going on:

There were also some stories we didn’t get to this week — we’re going to go fast here, so please keep up:

And finally, it’s Saturday morning — a time when mighty cartoons walk the earth. There’s no reason why this can’t be an occasion for learning, too:

Enjoy the previews next week, and we’ll be back to our usual news, views, commentary, and all-around cultural whale-watching on Tuesday the thirteenth.