October 31, 2012

When a tree falls in New Haven, do horror writers hear it?


An old tree in New Haven, CT., snapped by Hurricane Sandy wind, revealed a perfectly macabre underbelly just in time for Halloween.

The New Haven Independent reports:

A homeless woman made a spooky Halloween’s eve discovery on the Upper Green: bones from a centuries-old human body unearthed by a giant oak tree toppled by Superstorm Sandy.

The woman, Katie Carbo, made the discovery around 3:15 p.m. near the corner of College and Chapel streets. Visible among the roots of the tree is the back of skull, upside down, with its mouth open (pictured). It is still connected to a spine and rib cage.

Carbo called police, who confirmed the discovery. Detectives headed to the scene to investigate.

Sgt. Anthony Zona said the police do not suspect foul play. He noted that that part of the Green long ago served as a burial ground.

“That body has probably been there a long, long time,” Zona said.

“Twenty-four years on the job,” he added, “and different things just happen all the time.

Horror writers, if you’re looking for a storyboard

Skeletal remains found in upended tree; “Death Investigator” arrives on scene


and discovers an intact jaw and teeth


also what appears to be ribs or part of a spinal column


A stone marker at the foot of the tree identifies it as the “Lincoln Oak,” planted in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth.


Three officers, while obviously focused on the case at hand, can’t help thinking yeah, “This is some real Stephen King shit.”



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