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October 14, 2014

What will be sold at Amazon’s New York non-store?


One of the many fine items available at Amazon's new midtown New York non-shopping non-facility!

One of the many fine items available at Amazon’s new midtown New York non-shopping non-facility!

Last week, we brought news of a major leap into the future from those brave, bold innovators at Amazon: the creation of New York’s first-ever pop-up shop/storage facility/product takeout space/kitchenware non-boutique/very poor substitute for a store that actually sells things. In other words, a storefront warehouse, but one that, unlike Amazon’s other warehouses, won’t lead to people collapsing from heat exhaustion. (It helps that the store will be open only during colder months.)

Ever since the news broke, though, our ever-inquisitive readers have been writing in, asking we’ve been wondering what kinds of products will be carried by the Amazon Non-Miracle on 34th Street. (That’s the store’s official name.) As luck would have it, over the weekend, we received invented a partial inventory list. The array of products is fascinating, and will surely make for an exciting, immersive customer experience. Perhaps, for once, we’ve underestimated Amazon.