January 17, 2017

What we do now, and what bookstores are doing near you


If anything gives me courage as we head into inauguration day, it’s the daily reminder that there are millions of people around the country who want to get involved. Good, sassy, strong, intelligent people. People that know compassion and empathy shouldn’t make you elite. Heroes who volunteer to walk people to their cars at abortion clinics. People who know the inner workings of government and use it for the good of all. People who contact lobbyists, write letters, speak truth to power, and hold the hands of the struggling.

As a book publisher, we try and do our part by providing content that inspires and motivates in this difficult time. But more than that, we want to support everyone in our community doing their part to advance causes of justice and education.

Later this week, we’ll be announcing some giveaways of our new book What We Do Now, just like our friends at 57th Street Books. We want to get the right words into the right hands.

And here are some amazing bookseller ideas for activism maybe near:

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Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.