October 24, 2018

What can ya get for $1? The film rights to a Stephen King short story, apparently


The master of horror is also the master of charity. Stephen King continues a 40-year project of offering film students adaptation rights for some of his short stories for one dollar. This year, a crew of Welsh teens will have the chance to adapt King’s short story “Stationary Bike,” reports Michael Schaub for the L.A. Times.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The short story, from King’s short story collection Just After Sunset, was adapted for film by students Alfie Evans, 16, and Cerys Cliff, 14. According to Schaub, nearly 30 students will work on the project.

Mashable’s Sam Haysom spoke with Kevin Philips, a teacher at the Blaenau Gwent Film Academy in Wales where the kids study film. Contacting and setting up the contract with King and his team was pretty easy, according to Philips. “We pretty much e-mailed his secretary, Margaret, and she came back to us in 24 hours, and we told her what we wanted to do, that it’s not for profit, that our students would be making it, and she sent us a contract through which was signed by Stephen King himself,” Phillips told Mashable.

According to Schaub, the students hope to complete production on the film next spring, and submit to a few festivals. King specifically asks that any one who adapts his short stories send him a DVD of the finished movie. During his interview with Mashable, Philips said: “They insist that we send him a copy. That was part of the contract — Stephen always loves to see the work and please send him a DVD when it’s all complete.”

 Know any aspiring filmmaker teens who love horror? Tell them about “Dollar Babies,” the page on King’s website that lists all available short stories for film adaptation. It’s just one dollar!! What else is just one dollar??

Alex Primiani is the associate director of publicity at Melville House.