February 4, 2016

Westboro Baptist Church announces plans to picket Books Inc.


A perennially aggrieved and ridiculed hate group tweeted today that they plan to picket the Castro location of Books Inc.

According to Hoodline, the Westboro Baptist Church is hoping to disrupt a reading from a book espousing (surprise, surprise) tolerance and the value of diversity:

An LGBT-friendly children’s book reading planned for the Castro location of Books, Inc. this weekend has been threatened with a picket line from the notoriously hateful Westboro Baptist Church, which objects to the book’s message of acceptance.

The reading is for Square Zair Pair, a Kickstarter-funded new book by Advocate entertainment editor Jase Peeples that celebrates the diversity of couples in a community. It’s scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 6th, at 11am. The widely-reviled Westboro protesters, who are notorious for their offensive signage, have tweeted that they hope to bring their anti-gay message to the Castro.

Westboro will, of course, already be in the area, for their planned protest of the Super Bowl (citing “idolatry” as its main issue). For his part, Peeples seems ready to take them on. In fact, he went ahead and organized his own counter protest.

Please help us overshadow this hate group and show their message of intolerance is unacceptable – especially in a neighborhood like the Castro where diversity and love are celebrated every day. We will begin gathering at 10am with the reading taking place at 11am. We encourage you to show your PRIDE with signs boasting positive messages, rainbow flags, or just your spirited self.

As Peeples told Hoodline, “When you live in a bubble like the Castro, it’s very easy to forget how hateful a lot of people still are towards the LGBT community…it’s important to stand up and be visible.”



Julia Fleischaker is a former director of marketing and publicity at Melville House.