May 11, 2018

We’re offering three free e-books: It’s the What You Need to Know Now Kit


In response to recent events, Melville House has announced it is offering free e-book editions of several of its recent hit books.

The books included are TRUMP / RUSSIA: A Definitive History by Seth Hettena, THE SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE’S REPORT ON TORTURE—AKA “The Torture Report”—and the nationally bestselling collection WHAT WE DO NOW: Standing Up for Your Values In Trump’s America.

Starting today until Tuesday, May 15th anyone who purchases a print copy of Hettena’s Trump / Russia and provides proof of purchase to Melville House will receive a free e-book of all three books. The company is calling the offering the ‘WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW’ kit.

“We wanted to give readers a chance to better inform themselves on the basics behind all the fast-moving headlines,” explained publisher Valerie Merians. “Trump’s myriad connections to Russia, the nomination of torture supervisor Gina Haspel to be CIA head — they’re big stories that need in-depth explanations.”

Former Associated Press reporter Hettena is an expert on President Donald Trump’s decades-long relationship with Russia and Russian mobsters. From his in-depth coverage on Michael Cohen’s criminal past for Rolling Stone, to his latest appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”—where Hettena details that “the Russian mafia is a theme that runs through my book, runs through Cohen, and runs through Trump”—Hettena’s TRUMP / RUSSIA reveals what, until now, has been little-reported: Donald Trump’s decades-long history of dealing with Russian mobsters, from the days of his gambling empire in Atlantic City right up to his time in the White House.

“Combine Trump / Russia’s deep backstory with the Torture Report, which illuminates Gina Haspel’s role in the CIA torture program,” said Merians, “and throw in What We Do Now, and readers will have a better means to understand and deal with the strange political moment we find ourselves in.”

To enter, readers should send their proof of purchase to [email protected]. The promotion ends May 15th.