July 15, 2017

That was some week


“Narcissus,” an early portrait of America’s 45th president, by Flemish painter Jan Cossiers, born 417 years ago today

Well, here we are again… goddamn if that wasn’t a week. We set new records for, among other things, heat in New York City, magnificently sheer stupidity in a presidential campaign, use of Daft Punk in geopolitics (if Sean Spicer still exists, he’s probably hopping mad), and the reification of human nightmares generally. But today, friends? Today is Saturday. And Saturdays = Celebration.

Let’s begin the festivities by looking over the week from which we’re desperately trying to recover:

A woodcut illustration for Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Broad-Axe” by American sculptor Wharton Esherick, born 130 years ago today

We were also pretty dang excited to publish:

As ever, there were a couple stories we didn’t quite get to:

We released two new paperbacks this week:






Finally, it is Saturday morning, and a cartoon is the only thing that can possibly justify the horrendous ordeal you’ve just suffered through, that parade of ghastly horrors known as “the past week.” We’ve got a beaut for you — behold the unparalleled Yugoslavian splendors of “The Substitute”:

That’s it, guys. We’ll be back, exuberantly, on Monday. Till then, don’t take any wooden nickels and remember the words “if it’s what you say I love it” are, in this life, to be used judiciously.