July 21, 2018

Well now, there was a week that started, continued a while, and ended


    “Self-portrait with Skeleton” by Lovis Corinth, born 160 years ago today.

Here we are again: Saturday. We always seem to run into each other here.

That was one serious monster of a week we’ve all just had — the kind of week that makes you think you must be dreaming. Except, gentle reader, you are not dreaming: you are wide awake, swimming through the choppy waters of a truly incoherent reality. The kind of reality where the President of the United States says he trusts the president of Russia over his own security forces, then a day later pretends mystifyingly that he for some reason said the opposite of what he meant—somehow, meant to be a good thing?—and then suggests American officials should submit to question by Russian officials, and then… and… well… hey, you were there. No need to rehash everything. Point is, it’s been weird.

But there are at least two reasons to be happy:

  1. The Constitution toootally provides us a way of ending an intolerable presidency, and excellent folks are on the case.
  2. We’ve been keeping busy on the blog! It’s been perhaps one of our best weeks yet. Here are some highlights:

We were also most utterly delighted to publish:

“Corner of My Studio” by Emil Orlík, born 148 years ago today.

Inevitably, always, there are some stories we just don’t get to during the week:

Finally, you’ve been through a lot, and right now what you deserve more than anything is: a cartoooon! We’ve got just the one. If you’ve never seen Frédéric Back’s lyrical, lush, and occasionally raucous Crac!, prepare yourself for something really special.

And that’s that — rest up, read much, don’t sleep until you see the president impeached, and we’ll see you back here bright and early on Monday.