March 29, 2020

Week Two: $1.99 Ebook Sale



It’s week two of our $1.99 ebook sale and we have a new list of titles—fiction and nonfiction—for you to pick from! Hope everyone’s staying healthy and at least able to catch up on some reading during these crazy times.




A Woman Like Her: The Story Behind the Honor Killing of a Social Media Star 
by Sanam Maher

The murder of a Pakistani social media star exposes a culture divided between accelerating modernity and imposed traditional values—and the tragedy of those caught in the middle.




Debt: The First 5,000 Years
by David Graeber

Every economics textbook says the same thing: Money was invented to replace onerous and complicated barter systems—to relieve ancient people from having to haul their goods to market. The problem with this version of history? There’s not a shred of evidence to support it. Here anthropologist David Graeber presents a stunning reversal of conventional wisdom.




Nietzsche and the Burbs
by Lars Iyer

In a work of blistering dark hilarity, a young Nietzsche experiences life in a metal band & the tribulations of finals season in a modern secondary school






Habeas Data: Privacy vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech
by Cyrus Farivar

Whether through your phone or your car or your credit card, caught on a CCTV camera or tracked through your online viewing history, you’re being watched. Habeas Data shows how the explosive growth of surveillance technology has outpaced our understanding of the ethics, mores, and laws of privacy.



Culture as a Weapon: The Art of Influence in Everyday Life
by Nato Thomson

Curator and critic Nato Thompson reveals how institutions use art and culture to ensure profits and constrain dissent—and shows us that there are alternatives. An eye-opening account of the way advertising, media, and politics work today.





Diary of a Bookseller
by Shaun Bythell

Hilarious, wry, and charming, Shaun Bythell’s tales of bookselling in remotest Scotland are sure to delight readers of all stripes.






Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power
by Sady Doyle

From the biblical Lilith to Dracula’s Lucy Westenra, these monsters embody patriarchal fear of women—and speak to the primal threat of a woman who takes back her power.




The Making of Donald Trump

David Cay Johnston

In the culmination of nearly 30 years of reporting on Donald Trump, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston takes a revealingly close look at the mogul’s rise to power and prominence.




The Aeronauts: Travels in the Air

by James Glaisher

In 1862, ambitious scientist James Glaisher set out to do the impossible: ascend higher into the skies than ever before to establish his ground-breaking research. Written in his own words, The Aeronauts chronicles Glaisher’s incredible flights and discoveries first hand.





Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

by David Graeber

Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations, and bureaucracy come from? Anthropologist David Graeber traces the peculiar and unexpected ways we relate to bureaucracy today, and reveals how it shapes our lives in ways we may not even notice.