July 12, 2020

Week 17: $1.99 Ebook Sale


Becoming Leonardo
Mike Lanford

In a book unlike anything ever written about the Renaissance genius, Mike Lankford explodes every cliché about Leonardo da Vinci and then reconstructs him based on a rich trove of available evidence — bringing to life for the modern reader the man who has been studied by scholars for centuries, yet has remained as mysterious as ever.




The Courage of Hopelessness
Slavoj Zizek

In these troubled times, even the most pessimistic diagnosis of our future ends with an uplifting hint that things might not be as bad as all that, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, argues Slavoj Žižek, it is only when we have admitted to ourselves that our situation is completely hopeless—that the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact the headlight of an oncoming train—that fundamental change can be brought about.




The Weirdness
Jeremy Bushnell

What do you do when you wake up hung over and late for work only to find a stranger on your couch? And what if that stranger turns out to be an Adversarial Manifestation—like Satan, say—who has brewed you a fresh cup of fair-trade coffee? And what if he offers you your life’s goal of making the bestseller list if only you find his missing Lucky Cat and, you know, sign over your soul?

If you’re Billy Ridgeway, you take the coffee.


The Train
Georges Simenon

Against all expectations Marcel Féron has made a “normal” life in a bucolic French suburb in the Ardennes. But on May 10, 1940, as Nazi tanks approach, this timid, happy man must abandon his home and confront the “Fate” that he has secretly awaited.




Viking Economics
George Lakey

Lakey explores the inner workings of the Nordic economies that boast the world’s happiest, most productive workers, and explains how we, too, can embrace equality in our economic policy. Perhaps the most fun economics book you’ve ever read.




Anthony Bourdain: The Last Interview

The brilliant intellect and candor of Anthony Bourdain is on full display in this collection of interviews from throughout his remarkable career, including interviews with Neil Degrasse Tyson and Trevor Noah.






The Climate Report
The U.S. Global Change Research Program

To hide its dramatic findings, the government released its mandated Climate Assessment Report on Black Friday while everyone was out shopping. Melville House rushed the report into print—including all its charts, graphs, and illustrations—to broadcast its meticulous and devastating findings about the causes and impact of global warming.




Big Giant Floating Head
Chris Boucher

A wildly inventive, heartbreaking, and hilarious new novel about a man whose life is falling apart—in very bizarre ways.





Michael Bible

Reverend Maloney isn’t the world’s greatest spiritual advisor. His best friend Eli isn’t perfect either, but he’s a chess genius, which has to count for something. So Maloney decides that they should hit the road. Funny and sexy, Sophia is a spectacularly original vision of sin and redemption that marks the debut of a bodacious new talent.






NOW $4.99: Every Man Dies Alone
by Hans Fallada

Every Man Dies Alone presents a richly detailed portrait of life in Berlin under the Nazis and tells the sweeping saga of one working-class couple who decides to take a stand when their only son is killed at the front.