July 5, 2020

Week 16: Ebook Sale


Ways to Hide in Winter
Sarah St. Vincent

Deep in Pennsylvania’s Blue Ridge Mountains, a woman befriends a mysterious newcomer from Uzbekistan, setting in motion this suspenseful, atmospheric, politically charged debut.







Lars Iyer

In a raucous debut that summons up Britain’s fabled Goon Show comedies, writer and philosopher Lars Iyer tells the story of someone very like himself with a “slightly more successful” friend and their journeys in search of more palatable literary conferences where they serve better gin.




Stuffed and Starved
Raj Patel

There are more starving people in the world than ever before (800 million) while there are also more people overweight (1 billion).

To find out how we got to this point and what we can do about it, Raj Patel launched a comprehensive investigation into the global food network.






Bartleby the Scrivener
Herman Melville

Set in the mid-19th century on New York City’s Wall Street, it was also, perhaps, Melville’s most prescient story: what if a young man caught up in the rat race of commerce finally just said, “I would prefer not to”?




David Bowie: The Last Interview

In this remarkable collection, Bowie reveals the fierce intellectualism, artistry, and humor behind it all. From his very first interview—as a teenager on the BBC, before he was even a musician—to his last, Bowie takes on the most probing questions, candidly discussing his sexuality, his drug usage, his sense of fashion, how he composed, and more.





The Consequential Frontier
Peter Ward

With the era of NASA’s dominance now behind us, the private sector is winning this new space race. But if humans and their private wealth have made such a mess of Earth, who can say we won’t do the same in space?





Shoplifting from American Apparel
Tao Lin

This autobiographical novella, spanning two years in the life of a young writer with a cultish following trying to both “not be a bad person” and “find some kind of happiness or something.”







Health Justice Now: Single Payer and What Comes Next
by Timothy Faust

In Health Justice Now, Timothy Faust explains what single payer is, why we don’t yet have it, and how it can be won. (Particularly timely!)






Billie Holiday: The Last Interview

In frank and open conversations, Billie Holiday proves herself far more articulate, aware, intelligent, and even heroic than she’s often portrayed. This collection is an essential volume for all who have been moved by her music.






NOW $4.99: HOW TO DO NOTHING, by Jenny Odell

Far from the simple anti-technology screed, or the back-to-nature meditation we read so often, How to do Nothing is an action plan for thinking outside of capitalist narratives of efficiency and techno-determinism.