May 24, 2017

We have too many books here, could you take a few off our hands please?


It’s happening. The mercury’s climbing. The beach beckons. You’ll do anything to cool down.

Summer (give or take) is upon us. It’s going to be like life in a chewing-gum-commerical — completely great. We’ll have fun, go to parties, play volleyball, and, not least of all, read books.

This last detail, the book-reading, is where your summertime friends at Melville House come in, because we’re giving away a bundle of four great ones—two already released, two as yet unseen by human eyes—and really, what we’d like is to give them away to you.

What are the books?, you ask. Here are the books:

Like late May, Caitriona Lally’s Eggshells is warm, filled with laughs, and great for barbecues.

Like June, Martin Seay’s The Mirror Thief is erudite and endlessly entertaining, and, like June, it never says the word “Venice.”

Like July (which is also when we’re publishing it), Lynda Schuster’s Dirty Wars and Polished Silver is hot to the touch, prone to thunderstorms, and generally ferocious.

Like August (which is also when we’re publishing it), Kate Hamer’s The Doll Funeral will have you on the edge of your seat, not quite sure what’s real and what isn’t, and sorely in need of ice cream.

How do you win these books? It’s easy, friendo: just click on this big, congenial link right here. Fill out the info, and you’re done. Finito. Relax. Spend some time outside. Enjoy your life. Hug someone. Skip a rope. Fantasize about an improbably colossal air conditioner. Grow nostalgic for January, when you were freezing your butt off. We’ll be selecting a winner soon, and, if it’s you (btw, no promises, but we kind of have a feeling it’ll be you), we’ll definitely let you know.

Next stop: September!