September 27, 2017

Wayne Rooney retires, but no one wants to read about it


This week in the UK, the Mirror’s James Whaling reports on legendary football star Wayne Rooney’s “blockbuster” book series being dropped by his publisher, HarperCollins. The decision comes after two flopped releases: My Story So Far (2006) and My Decade in the Premier League (2012).

HarperCollins paid Rooney an astonishing 5 million pounds back in 2006 (that would be 6.85 million pounds, or about $9.2 million, today!) for a five-book deal chronicling his childhood, early years at Manchester United, rise to fame, and eventual dominance as National League captain. HarperCollins—and the rest of the country—had high hopes that Rooney would eventually lead the Red Devils to several national championship wins. Sadly, this never happened.  

Rooney, who’s dominated British football for the last ten years or so while at Manchester United, rose to fame at a remarkably young age by doing really well on a sports team during really important games against other teams playing the same sport. He is also famous for being a wild British soccer player who drinks a lot and has a WAG. (You know, Wives And Girlfriends of football stars?…).

Rooney’s writing career isn’t totally over though! According to Tom Sheen at the Sun, Rooney—who just announced his early retirement a couple weeks ago—will write one last explosive, tell-all book of his years in the spotlight… which makes so much more sense than signing a five-book deal at age twenty-one.



Alex Primiani is the associate director of publicity at Melville House.