October 9, 2018

Watch this well-known bibliophile go through 1,000 books he must part with


Got some time to spare?

Photo via Jan Mellström/Unsplash

This video is the perfect way to spend 10 minutes if you have an overflowing bookshelf of unread or half-read books, or if your “to-read” bookshelf has too many titles. Robin Ince, co-host of the Book Shambles podcast, is a bookseller and author’s dream. He loves buying books too much and recently found his house overcrowded with stacks of books, to the point where he jokes that the weight of the books could be warping the foundation. He calls this issue “bibliophilia that goes too far.” The video shared by Boing Boing, brings viewers into the mind of a book lover as he has to decide which books to part ways with. 

Ince’s goal is to let go of 1,000 books during this video. The process is clearly very difficult for him and he shares his decision making process. First, he explains there are some authors he feels obligated to read as a book lover. The example he provides is Michael Foucault. He realized he was collecting too many Foucault books with the best intentions of reading them, but decides they are too “smart” for him. Interesting. Watch the rest of the video see Ince’s strategies for getting rid of his overwhelming collection. Though, we’re having a hard time downsizing our own overflowing stacks. After all, how could anyone part ways with a good book?

Christina Cerio is the Manager of Direct Sales & Special Projects at Melville House.