December 7, 2018

Want your own little piece of Japanese architecture on your bookshelf?


We love crafty things and crafty people. Maybe that’s just an extension of being a book lover, but by golly, does it bring us joy. So when we heard about these super cool new bookshelf inserts that’ve been circulating the Internet, we couldn’t resist.

Japanese artist Monde makes incredibly intricate and detailed miniature-scale models of the picturesque tight Japanese alleyways out of wood to be used as shelf inserts, and they’re really damn cool. They even come with working light switches! Perfect for the adult who’s not quite outgrown night-lights, but still wants to affect maturation.

Want one of your own? Monde currently accepts orders through Twitter direct messages, but beware of any online stores that proclaim they stock these crafty inserts; the only official stocker is Monde himself.




Erica Huang is former Melville House intern.