March 1, 2013

VIDEO: Drop and give me 20… card catalog files!


The weather’s finally turned warmer this week in New York, and spring is a few short weeks away. Soon we’ll have to shed our bulky coats and reveal the damage this long, alcoholic winter has wreaked on our poor, pasty bodies. What’s a book slave to do?

A recently resurfaced video from 1987 offers one solution: go to the library. Made by an Arizona State University student at the height of the aerobics craze, the Betty Glover Library Workout Tape promises to “break down that cellulite and tone those buttocks.” With ASU librarian turned drill sergeant Betty Glover leading you through exercises like the Vertical Drawer Pull and the Coke Machine Kick, the delightfully campy video will have you back in shape in no time.

Now, hit the stacks!

Christopher King is the former Art Director of Melville House.