December 8, 2011

VIDEO: a montage homage to the great Saul Bass


To celebrate the release of  Saul Bass: A Life In Film & Design by Jennifer Bass and Pat KirkhamIan Albinson has created a montage homage to Bass’s film title sequences.

By the way, in this interview with the Caustic Cover Critic,  Melville House art director Christopher King spoke about Bass’s relation to the Melville International Crime series:

The biggest direct influence on the crime series as a whole, though, is Saul Bass’s work with Alfred Hitchcock in the 1960s. That was an era when thrillers could be suspenseful and action-packed, sure, but they were smart too. So, while rehashing Bass’s aesthetic wouldn’t be productive (it’s too emblematic of a specific period), his conceptual approach seems perfectly suited to this set of brainy international novels. It’s a way of thinking about the genre that somehow got buried with the ’60s, but it feels just as fresh now as it did then, and so I’ve tried to approach all the books in the series the way Bass might if he were working today.

A Saul Bass influenced cover...