June 19, 2017

Very Naughty Erotica Publisher Faces Felony Charges


Jana Koretko, publisher of JK Publishing in Colorado, is under arrest for money laundering, felony theft, computer crime, and tax evasion, according to Tom McGhee at the Denver Post.

It appears that for the past few years, Koretko has been manipulating royalty statements to underrepresent book sales, filching more than $125,000 from her authors in the process. She and her husband, Darren Koretko, have also, apparently, underreported their income on state tax returns, filing only $289,503 between 2013 and 2015, when their actual income was more than $1 million. That seems to be basically as long as the company has been in business; the JK Publishing website indicates they’ve “been an active publisher for six years.”

JK Publishing has a list of twenty-four authors and specializes in erotica and romance novels; recent titles, per their Facebook page, include Unbent: What was Everything 3, If the Stacks Could Talk: Sultry Nights, Cloaked by Steel, Encased by Steel, Savor Me Sweetly, and Her Way or No Way.

Koretko will appear in court on July 7.



Taylor Sperry is an editor at Melville House.