December 20, 2004

US just can't get UK to adopt Patriot Act . . .


“Anyone who believes the war on terror has shut down terrorist propaganda centers in U.S.-friendly countries should visit the Maktabah al Ansar bookshop in Birmingham, England,” says Mark Hosenball in this Newsweek report. “Amid shelves of Qur’anic tomes and religious artifacts are bookshelves and CD racks piled with extreme Islamist propaganda: recordings of the last testaments of 9/11 hijackers, messages from Osama bin Laden and jihad pamphlets . . . .” Reports Hosenball, “U.S. investigators say they’ve been pressuring the British for years to crack down on jihadi propaganda operations like these, but that the Brits are sometimes slow to recognize potential terror threats in their midst.”

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