February 17, 2010

Updated: Who’s next at The Paris Review?


A few months back, we engaged in some “irresponsible speculation” about who might be in line for the editorship of The Paris Review. The magazine’s current editor, Philip Gourevitch, announced in November that he would leave his post in April. We threw out a number of names, including former and current staffers (who Gourevitch hinted might be considered), as well an array of others we thought might have a chance at the job. Our list of internal candidates and former staffers included Meghan O’Rourke, Jonathan Dee, Nathaniel Rich, and Matt Weiland. As for outsiders, we came up with Ben Metcalf, Elissa Schappell, Ben Marcus, David Kipen, Art Winslow, George Packer, Lawrence Wright, Deborah Treisman, and Ruth Reichl.

MobyLives readers rallied around one of these candidates: David Kipen, the former director of the NEA’s Literature program and a past editor of The San Francisco Chronicle‘s book section. Another, New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman, took some hits, with one reader saying Treisman had staled the New Yorker‘s fiction; the Paris Review doesn’t need that.” Another suggested that “it would be worth allowing [Treisman] to ruin the Paris Review‘s fiction section in order to opening up the possibility of a New Yorker fiction renaissance.”

Readers also added some other names: Thomas Beller, Stephen Elliott, Jonathan Franzen, Jonathan Galassi, Robert Gottlieb, Charles McGrath, Daniel Menaker, Jack Pendarvis, Alice Quinn, Ben Sonnenberg Jr, Pat Strachan, Jean Stein, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Lynne Tillman, and Joanna Yas.

And now, there’s a new contender: Roger Hodge, until recently the editor of Harper’s Magazine. His name has been tossed into the discussion by Claire Howorth at Vanity Fair. The magazine reports that one whisper “gathering steam” is that “he’ll fill the editor’s chair at The Paris Review.” (Others say he’ll go to GQ.) “George Plimpton’s esteemed literary quarterly would be the perfect landing pad for an editor with Hodge’s highbrow chops.”

Updated, updated: The Millions thinks the man for the job is Dave Eggers. They also suggest Kurt Anderson, Keith Gessen, Dan Menaker, and Meghan O’Rourke.