March 27, 2009

Twitter twaddle


Ben Okri: He gets Twitter. Do you?

Ben Okri: He gets Twitter. Do you?

As became evident in my confessional post about Stephen Fry, I don’t really know what to do with Twitter. I go on to it occasionally, mainly to spy on my eco-friend who likes to pontificate about low carbon lifestyles; I am lifting his pronouncements for my next book. Sometimes I have what I think might be an interesting thought and try to write it in but the damn cursor moves so slowly that by the time it’s got to the end of the first line, I have been distracted by a beautiful greyhound in the park outside and forget to press Enter. The whole thing is beyond me. I was therefore dismayed to learn that Ben Okri has decided to Twitter his newest poem. He’s doing it, clever man, as publicity for his latest work, Tales of Freedom, a novella-haiku hybrid which is published in April. In the meantime, fans can read a line a day here. Damn frustrating if you ask me.