June 13, 2018

Turn it up to Eleven: Stranger Things is getting the book treatment


Although it often seems that we are indeed living in the Upside Down being chased by the Demogorgon, we do occasionally get some good news, and today we have some. Greg Evans over at Deadline Hollywood reports that Penguin Random House is teaming up with Netflix to publish books based on the beloved show Stranger Things.

The first two books will publish this autumn. Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion will feature color photos and concept art, tracking the progress from page to screen, according to Penguin Random House’s description.  The second book slated for release this fall is an as-yet-untitled hardcover gift book for young readers described as offering “advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things world.” Perhaps there is a waffle recipe inside?  

A third Stranger Things book is planned for Spring 2019, a prequel novel focusing on Eleven’s mother and the MKUltra program. More titles for both adults and kids are planned for the rest of the year. PRH hasn’t specified exactly how many Stranger Things books are planned but Eleven sounds like a good number? (Sorry.)

This is far from the first time a popular sci-fi show has expanded its universe via a series of books. The novels provide an opportunity to explore timelines and side stories that a television show may just not have the time, budget, or technical ability to explore. It’s a fun way for a show’s fans to delight in the fantasy world, and for a show’s writers to expand the universe. See you on the message boards.



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.