April 27, 2018

Tucson’s Antigone Books is being sold to three of its employees


Last month, we wrote about developments at Cambridge, Massachusetts’s Porter Square Books, whose owners, Dina Mardell and David Sandberg, are passing it along to a group of senior staff members. Now, Patty Machelor writes for the Arizona Daily Star that Kate Randall and Trudy Mills, the current owners of Tucson’s Antigone Books, will be selling the store to three of their employees, Morgan Miller, Kate Stern, and Melissa Negelspach.

According to Machelor, this was the preferred outcome from almost the moment Randall and Mills announced their intention to sell the store, some eighteen months ago. As is often the case, the main question was how the buy-out would be financed. As it turns out, the community in Tuscon was fucking stoked to have a woman-owned, solar-powered, and “zany” independent bookstore. We know this because they’ve already raised more than $33,000 dollars to make the sale a reality, with almost a full month left.

That’s freaking rad. If you’d like to get involved (why the hell wouldn’t you?), you can still donate here. Antigone will also be holding a celebration-cum-fundraiser on Indie Bookstore Day tomorrow, and if you’re in Tuscon (why the hell wouldn’t you be?) you should totally go! According to an Indiegogo announcement, all additional funds they raise will go towards paying down loans they’ve taken out, and to improving the financial stability of the store, which is to say there’s a lot we can still do to make sure Antigone has a happy and healthy future ahead of it.

Cheers and congratulations to Morgan Miller, Kate Stern, and Melissa Negelspach for bravely guarding the independent spirit of their bookstore, and kudos to Kate Randall and Trudy Mills for all their hard work making Antigone a special place, and for their wisdom in passing it along to three true believers.



Simon Reichley is the Director of Operations and Rights Manager at Melville House.