October 21, 2016

#TrumpBookReport gives us the America we deserve


trump-render-128x175-2As you may have heard, on Wednesday night a former US senator and secretary of state stood on a stage with a self-described non-puppet and sexual assaulter (not to mention friend to convicted drug traffickers), and they argued for ninety minutes while America gasped desperately for air. (Like others before me, I think I speak for the group when I say: free us from this.)

Now, in a trend the Guardian’s Nicole Puglise has traced back to St. Louis mayoral candidate Antonio French, exhausted people all over the internet are fighting back against America’s most prominent filth-spigot by tweeting out fictitious book reports in the voice of notorious non-reader Donald Trump, under the hashtag #TrumpBookReport. In a sign that, hey, maybe people aren’t so bad after all, they are hilarious. Some favorites:


Gotta catch ’em all?  

Ian Dreiblatt is the director of digital media at Melville House.