July 18, 2016

Trump trumps all


This asshole. Via Wikipedia.

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of writing about Donald Trump. Can you blame us? As the 2016 electoral field has narrowed, The Donald remains a riveting — if, to many, disheartening — spectacle. (Plus, we’ve been reading a lot about him.) Here’s some of the writing we’ve published on Trump in recent months. Think of it as a greatest-hits comp you can play as he strides to the dais to receive his crown and scepter in Cleveland this week.

Liam O’Brien on how Trump may have committed fraud in promoting his own magnanimity.

Julia Fleischaker on the “cotton candy hairspray labyrinth” that Trump will sue you for writing about.

Chad Felix on how threats of litigation have kept some books on Trump out of print.

Taylor Sperry on how the very skies have called Trump “disgusting.”

Ian Dreiblatt on the books Trump would like you to read.

Nikki Griffiths on whether Trump is, as has been alleged, a “ tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon.

Ryan Harrington on Trump as folk-song villain.

Kait Howard on the failures of honesty and reason that have beset the Trump Institute.

Simon Reichley on the rhetorical use of Trump to avoid looking American history squarely in the eye.

Dennis Johnson on the cognitive discomfort that arises from Trump saying something about Amazon that happens to be true and important.