May 8, 2018

“Trump is a man who will take money from pretty much anyone”: Watch Seth Hettena talk Trump / Russia on MSNBC’s Morning Joe


“We’re going to get Putin on this. We’re going to help Trump win the election.”

That’s what mafia-connected Russian real estate developer Felix Sater said during Ivanka Trump’s 2015 trip to Moscow, according to journalist Seth Hettena. Hettena’s new book, Trump / Russia: A Definitive History, hits stores today, just in time to get us up to speed on what looks increasingly like the news story of the moment. He was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, along with Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox, to talk about Trump, his family, his attorney Michael Cohen, and their many, many ties to unsavory Russian money.

You’re going to want to sit down for this (if you’re not seeing the video below, you can watch it right here):



Trump / Russia is on sale now. Buy your copy here, or at your neighborhood independent bookstore.