September 26, 2012

Tony Danza raps at the Brooklyn Book Festival


My colleagues here at Melville House have presented what happens at the Brooklyn Book Festival, from the numbers to the fans.

But what we all missed in a flurry of bookselling was, I believe, Tony Danza, actor, teacher and now author of I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had, on stage rapping about his fellow Brooklynites, with special kudos to the Brooklyn authors.

He is interviewed by borough president Marty Markowitz, but leaves him out of the the rap “because Markowitz is tough to rhyme.” (You may also have missed the New York Times Magazine’s Sam Anderson telling resident pencil-artisan David Rees that the artisanal movement was something like bearded men making “hand-milled, single-source, old-growth, llama eyelash braided bolo ties,” which are fighting words.)

I’d transcribe, but I can’t type that fast. “Here’s a list of famous peeps from my favorite bor … ough … Arthur Miller, Larry David, Mos Def and Jay Z…”

Tim Donnelly at Brokelyn has the video.


Ariel Bogle is a former publicist at Melville House.