October 30, 2017

Tomorrow night, ghouls will be haunting a bookstore near you


Boooooooo.  Boooooooooooooooo. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[ks].

All Hallows’ Eve is nigh upon us. Spider webs on the chandeliers. Zombie arms reaching out of lawns. Everyone seeing It and then immediately going to a bookstore and buying a copy. Halloween preparations have been made, and now it’s time to have some fun.

There are great events scheduled at bookstores this Tuesday, and you shouldn’t miss them. Here are a couple that caught our eye:

The Strand (New York, NY): Does any scene portend murder quite like a home library of antique books? You know, that Colonel-Mustard-in-the-library-with-the-candlestick sort of vibe? The Strand’s Rare Book Room offers just such a chilling ambiance. Their Boos and Books event this year will feature a literary-themed game of mafia, a wheel of misfortune, and spooky writing activities. It’s only $25, but space is limited. Please note, terrifyingly, that this event is taking place tonight—Monday, October 30—to get you ready for Halloween.

Books and Books (Miami, FL): In southern Florida looking for a place to show off your Eleven costume for the second year in a row? (Yes, judging you a tad.) You should go to either the Coral Gables or Miami Beach location of Books and Books. Coral Gables will have live music, a costume contest, and spine-tingling authors to meet. Miami Beach is a more still-like-the-dead affair with a three-course meal and crowd watching.

Bookpeople (Austin, TX): For the kids, Bookpeople is offering a spooktacular group of “preposterous puppeteers.” Storytime will be devoted to ghastly tales of the paranormal, followed by what’s sure to be the most adorable costume parade that side of the Mississippi.

Phinney Books (Seattle, WA): For the kids again, costume and Halloween reading by delight-to-children-everywhere Molly. It may be slightly more low-key since the Hunger Goblin Trick-or-Treat was last Saturday, but still a great place to take the kids in the AM.

Malaprop’s Books (Asheville, NC): Do you like books? Do you like Karaoke? Of course you do. All Hallow’s Read is a mixture of the two. Come with a passage that you think will make the audience spontaneously defecate in fear, and then actually read it to them and see what happens. The record to beat: Chuck Palahniuk used to make people pass out when he read his story Guts.

Make sure to look up your indie bookstore and see what else is happening on Tuesday. And if you see any particularly great booksellers dressed up as amazing literary characters, please share via… however you’re sharing these days.



Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.