December 6, 2011

TODAY ONLY: Say Lamberto thrice for a much nicer price!


Lamberto, Lamberto, Lamberto lives!

Lamberto, Lamberto, Lamberto lives!

UPDATE: See below

To celebrate the release (today!) of Gianni Rodari’s beloved Italian fable,Lamberto, Lamberto, Lamberto we’re giving you, dear reader, control of the price of the eBook.

In honor of the 93-year-old protagonist of the novel, the price of the book will start at $9.30 and will drop a penny for every ten tweets
that contain the #LambertoLambertoLamberto hash tag. That’s three names as one word attached to a hash-tag.

And get this: We’re planning on taking it all the way down until the price hits a mere $0.01!*

Like the magic spell that returns the Baron Lamberto’s youth with every utterance of his name, the Twitter-verse will control the price of this classic work of literature.

Tweeting will commence at Noon (EST) today (December 6th) and run until midnight. You can head over to the Lamberto Lives website to track the price as it drops. Pennies at a time.

Find out more about the book + read a sample at HERE.

To follow the tweets as they unfold you can go HERE and they’ll show up once the fun starts.

UPDATE: We’re changing it up… Instead of every ten tweets we’re now going to drop it every one cent for EVERY tweet using the #lambertolambertolamberto hash-tag.

Paul Oliver is the marketing manager of Melville House. Previously he was co-owner of Wolfgang Books in Philadelphia.