March 3, 2017

Time to go all-in on James Baldwin, with a 99¢ e-book


So, we have kind of a thing for James Baldwin.

Eloquent and elegant, trenchant and timely, Baldwin’s writing seems, somehow, to have grown only more relevant in the thirty years since his death. Certainly right now, with a gang of thugs pandering to white nationalists from the White House, and threats against LGBTQ folks that had been pushed to the margins marching back toward the center, Baldwin’s singular voice feels more relevant than ever.

So we’re extremely happy, for today only, to be offering e-book copies of James Baldwin: The Last Interview and Other Conversations, for ninety-nine cents. (You: Did you say ninety-nine cents? Us: We said ninety-nine cents.) Here’s what that can buy you in Trump’s America:

Here are just a (very) few of the (very) amazing things Baldwin has to say in the book:

On American homophobia:

I think Americans are terrified of feeling anything. And homophobia is simply an extreme example of the American terror that’s concerned with growing up. I never met a more infantile people in my life.

On freedom:

I think the country has to find out what it means by freedom. Freedom is a very dangerous thing. Anything else is disastrous. But freedom is dangerous. You’ve got to make choices. You’ve got to make very dangerous choices. You’ve got to be taught that your life is in your hands.

On Toni Morrison:

Her gift is in allegory…. I think that Toni’s very painful to read…. Because it’s always or most times a horrifying allegory; but you recognize that it works. But you don’t really want to march through it. Sometimes people have a lot against Toni, but she’s got the most believing story of everybody — this rather elegant matron, whose intentions really are serious and, according to some people, lethal.

Don’t miss this. Supplies are not actually limited, but you should, nonetheless, act now. As is the case with some other things, tomorrow’ll be too late.



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