December 5, 2016

“This must be the greatest quantity of squeezable mustard ever present at a literary lunch.”


There are probably a lot of people in the world named David Mitchell. There is, of course, the guy who, for book lovers, probably counts as the main David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas David Mitchell. There’s also the David Mitchell who directed 2014’s amazing (and notably Horla-esque) It Follows. There’s the David Mitchell who for many years edited Marin County’s Point Reyes Light, which in 1979 won a Pulitzer for its extensive coverage of Synanon. And then, of course, there’s outrageously great TV actor (and occasional Amazon foeDavid Mitchell, comedic partner of Robert Webb, with whom he has created TV show including That Mitchell and Webb Look and Peep Show.

One excellent storyline on Peep Show concerned a con worked on Mitchell’s character, the loathsome yet sympathetic Mark Corrigan, by British London, a fly-by-night publishing house with an interest in Business Secrets of the Pharaohs — a book Corrigan has thrown together in a desperate attempt to give his life meaning.

Hilarity ensues, as does one of the all-time most comedic uses of the word “omnibus.” Here’s a scene that might give palpitations to anyone who’s had to stage or attend a book launch:

See the whole episode here. Put the kids to bed first.