March 3, 2017

This guy singing the Epic of Gilgamesh with a lute in front of a painting of Babylon is all of us


JK, he’s not all of us. To be really exact, he’s one of us. His name is Peter Pringle. It seems likely that he is a nice person. There’s no particular evidence that this is very authentic, but it’s beautiful, and, honestly, were you doing something better with your morning?

And speaking of people who are probably having a zippier day than you, meet Vulgar Cretin, a cryptic and awesome Youtuber with a very decent set of pipes, a guit-tar, and a hobby of setting ancient literature to popular tunes. Vulgar Cretin, who appears (we’re not totally sure) to be a former teacher from Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a total delight:

But wait! That’s not all:

But also (surely the only time the words “faster than Jackie Chan” have been applied to the Mighty Bjorn):

And then there’s this:

Vulgar Cretin, if you’re out there, drop us a line!


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