July 12, 2018

There’s a big pile of free books in Tennessee


Not the pile of books in question, but a pile of books. Via Flickr.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a used book store but found yourself scratching your head on just where oh where you might find some used books?

Well then head on down to Franklin, Tennessee, an affluent town just south of Nashville. Miley Cyrus was born here, Nissan has their North American headquarters here, and outside of a local storage shed, thousands of used books currently sit here unclaimed.

According to a report from the News 2 team at WKRN, Nashville’s ABC affiliate, “thousands of books were cleared out of a storage unit last week in Franklin after the owner was evicted. The books were dumped in a pile, which is in accordance with Tennessee law and allows the owner an opportunity to retrieve their belongings. The books have reportedly been there since Thursday.”

Yep, it’s a biblio bonanza (biblionanza?), and apparently not just for the owner — anyone is free to root through the pile.

A camera crew from News 2 reportedly spotted “teachers picking through the stacks Monday, looking for books for their students.” But rather than see this as a fun literary activity, some of those teachers are pretty concerned for the fate of the books: “It makes me sad, really, because books are precious to me,” a teacher named Ruth Davis told reporters. “It just seems like I know there’s people who would enjoy these, so I hate to see them dumped out like this. If it rains, it’s gonna be all over.”

She’s right. So if you can make it down, don’t wait. Go there right now! The books are on Southeast Parkway near GraceWorks Ministry.



Michael Barron is an editor at Melville House.