April 13, 2018

The Week in Impeachment: Extraordinary severity of harm


Each week brings unprecedented evidence of presidential misconduct sufficient to support an impeachment conviction. This week has been extraordinary for the severity of harms as well as the variety and breadth of maladministration. Let’s get down to it:


First Charge: Endangering national security


Second Charge: Undermining the administration of justice, the rule of law, and our system of government


Third Charge: Embracing and ratifying the incompetence and corruption of Executive Branch officials he has negligently hired or retained, as he continues to oppress the media


Fourth Charge: By lying, undermining confidence in our electoral system, which is already under Russian assault and will be tested in 2020.


Fifth Charge: Promiting racial hatred and oppression via lies


In little over a year in office, President Trump’s impeachable maladministration and misconduct dwarf  any of the previous nineteen US impeachment cases in variety, breadth, and the existential threat to our country.



Barbara Ann Radnofsky is a mother, wife, teacher, mediator and arbitrator. A lawyer since 1979, she was the first woman Texas Democratic U.S. Senate nominee and later the first woman Texas Democratic Attorney General nominee. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Houston and the University of Texas School of Law, she was honored as the Outstanding Young Lawyer of Texas in 1988 and has been listed for more than 25 years in “Best Lawyers in America" in multiple areas. She lives in Houston, where she is one of many co-owners of the Brazos Bookstore, and is the author of A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment, available now. Follow her at @TXBarbaraAnn!