November 29, 2018

The newest combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell is Pizza Hut and NFL


If you were a student in the mid-eighties to nineties, you might remember the oft-sought coupon reward your elementary school teachers would bribe you with to encourage reading. The feeling of fervently filling up reading log after reading log in anticipation of getting that free personal pizza coupon from Pizza Hut—or is that just me?

Sample Personal Pan Pizza Coupon via Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program

It’s almost 35 years since Pizza Hut had started its national BOOK IT! literacy program, and it goes on strong today, promoting reading amongst children and their parents. And now, Pizza Hut is expanding its partnership to the National Football League with their player ambassadors to advocate thorough literacy for children across the country.

As the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, Pizza Hut has nominated LA Rams running back Todd Gurley to be their ambassador to raise awareness for childhood reading during Week 13-15 of the NFL season in concurrence with the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats. Chief brand officer of Pizza Hut Marianne Bradley says:

In our first year as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, we have a powerful opportunity to work with the League, its teams and players to do even more to support childhood literacy—a cause Pizza Hut has championed for more than three decades. The support of these NFL players really exemplifies their commitment to success on and off the field for kids across the country, and we’re privileged to work with athletes like Todd Gurley. His passion for literacy will not only inspire young readers but will also help drive awareness for this critical social issue we’re hoping to improve.

Todd Gurley also adds:

Growing up, I was taught that reading and writing were the foundation for my education. Knowing the importance of literacy programs for kids across the country, I’m teaming up with First Book and my fellow Georgia alumni and Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell, author of ‘The Magicians Hat‘, for My Cause My Cleats.

The culmination will be at the My Cause My Cleats home game on December 16, where the Rams and Pizza Hut will invite children from Inglewood to a reading event hosted by Gurley to further spotlight the importance of literacy and awareness for reading.




Erica Huang is former Melville House intern.