June 11, 2018

The New York City subway gets its first Little Free Library


New York City has received its first underground mini-library. Little Free Library, the nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading a love for reading through a network of small, free neighborhood book exchanges, has opened its newest library at Manhattan’s 145th Street subway station, served by the ABC, and D trains, according to a report by Sara Kolodny at NBC New York.

Anyone is welcome to come to the library, leave a book, and take a book. In this way, the Little Free Library program promotes book exchange and encourages people, especially children, to read.

Little Free Library founder Todd H. Bol explained that the library will contain books for all ages and many for children, thanks to a special partnership with Marvel. “Marvel is going to give an ongoing supply of books… Disney will send two years supply of Marvel books and comics.”    

While there are over ten Little Free Libraries in New York City, the library at 145th St and St. Nicholas is the first in Manhattan and the first to be in a subway station, outside the subway station’s NYPD Transit District 3 Precinct. The eventual goal is for a free mini-library to be outside of every transit precinct.

NYPD Officer Damieon Frey echoed the Little Free Library’s goal of reaching children with the project. “We’re trying to get books to our children,” he said. As part of the NYPD Explorers Program, teenage volunteers will act as mentors to younger children, reading to them outside the little library after school.

What’s also great about little libraries? No overdue fees!



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.