August 22, 2016

The Making of Donald Trump is a bestseller for two weeks running


IMG_0637We’re more than a little excited to confirm that The Making of Donald Trump, the definitive account of Trump’s rise, has just enjoyed its second week as a New York Times bestseller! And it’s climbing!

Really, though, we can’t say we’re surprised. We took the constantly unfolding, endlessly fascinating news story of the summer, found a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who’s known the main character for three decades, and let him produce a non-partisan, carefully sourced, “very readable” book that “gives Trump the thorough scrubbing he deserves.” If that doesn’t sound like a bestseller, what does?

To celebrate, we recommend listening to author David Cay Johnston’s appearance on Tampa’s WMNF radio last week, where he talked about Trump’s unsavory mafia connections, his flailing casino businesses, and, of course, his very highly super top-secret tax returns — which Trump is the first major-party candidate in more than forty years to refuse to release to the public. Give it a listen here:



After that, click here to listen to Johnston speaking with Pat Thurston of KGO radio in San Francisco.

When you’ve done all that, nothing left but to buy the book!