June 17, 2015

That Dragon, Cancer: An excerpt from DEATH BY VIDEO GAME


cancerWe have seen how video games can provide a refuge and sanctuary for people, a place to retreat from the slings and arrows of existence, to escape and even to salve pain. But for Ryan Green and Josh Larson, That Dragon, Cancer was something else. As designers, this was a place they could invite others into, in order to share their experience, to communicate the pain and uncertainty of living with a terminally ill child, and a way to celebrate that young life. For Green in particular, the project has been a way to process a painful journey, and in that process take an unusual step towards healing.

“I want people to love my son the way I love my son, and to love my son you have to meet my son,” he said. “A video game gives the opportunity to meet my son and meet our family, and kind of walk with us in our shoes, but from a safe place.”

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Simon Parkin is a journalist whose writing has appeared in the New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, ESPN, and a number of other publications. DEATH BY VIDEO GAME is his first book.