September 28, 2020

Ten years of covering Banned Books Week, a fresh and exciting blog retrospective


Every year, as the leaves turn goldenrod and the kiddos go back to school, the American Library Association rolls out a list of the books most challenged by libraries and schools in honor of Banned Books Week. This year, while the weather remains pitched at a torporous tropical heat and the concept of “going to school” is fraught with confusion, delays, and dread, the ALA changed things up and put together a list of the top 10 most challenged books of the decade. Incidentally, we’ve also been covering this list for about a decade. You can see some of that coverage here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I know what you’re thinking: MobyLives, how on earth are you going to come up with a new and creative way of covering banned books?

The short answer is that we are absolutely not going to do anything of the sort, but you know what? Neither is the ALA, to be totally fair. They just crunched the numbers and did all those lists they’ve been doing for years all over again in one big list.

So, taking a page from their book, I’m just going to do a round-up of all the best coverage we’ve done on banned books in the past.

So with that, I hope you’ve had a side-splitting time thinking about banned books! This concludes Banned Books Week! See you in another ten years!



Athena Bryan is an editor at Melville House.