January 21, 2020

Teacher raises over $10,000 for student library


The importance of children owning and reading books has been continuously documented and studied. A study conducted last month showed the correlation between owning books and reading level—and how few children have books. There are many ways to try to rectify the problem, but Hannah Natanson reports for The Washington Post how one teacher decided to solve the problem for her class. Corrina Reamer is an eleventh grade teacher who believes that a love for reading is connected to a love of writing. She doesn’t want students to merely read required books for classes, she wants her students to love reading. 

Reamer’s classroom’s library boasts over 1,000 books. Some authors included in the library are Stephen King, J. R. R. Tolkien, and other beloved classics. One may ask—how did she amass such a large collection of books for students? It wasn’t the government that contributed, as the lack of funds towards education are well-documented. 

Reamer amassed this by her own drive to help her students—she paid for through holding online fundraisers and library grants. Discouraging federal data shows that nine in 10 educators spend nearly $500 each year of their own money on school supplies. Reamer is believed to have raised over $10,000 for her students. In addition to raising money on her own, Reamer has curated this library based on books she believes will be a hit with her students, with stories they can relate to or stories they can escape into a new world. She has also helped countless students who speak a foreign language assimilate into above average English literacy.

Hopefully more schools follow suit to Reamer’s endeavors.



Andréa Córdova is a publicist at Melville House.