November 7, 2017

“Take me to the good part”



Sex sells, as they say, and the Amazon-owned audiobook publisher Audible is, if not a fast learner, at least a conscientious one.

In an effort to promote their new romance book subscription service, Audible is rolling out a new feature called “Take me to the good part” which, Thu-Huong Ha writes for Quartz, “lets listeners jump to the juicy sections of 110 romance titles in the company’s collection.”

The feature also breaks these “good parts” down into ten categories—among them, per Scott Simon at NPR, “First Meeting,” “Flirty Banter,” “Sexual Tension,” “Proposal,” and “Hot, Hot, Hot” — and an illustrated “steaminess scale” that ranges from “Sweet” to “Sizzling” to “O-O-Omg.”

“Just like how porn often drives technological innovations that later become mainstream,” Sarah Perez writes for TechCrunch, “we can only hope that this marching learning technology is later rolled out to all digital books, audio and otherwise, to classify scenes that are also ‘good parts,’ but for non-romantic reasons.”

The jig is officially up.



Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.